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One of our clients, who didn’t know what UPC’s were when we started out together, but is now a clear leader in their industry, was having constant issues with chargebacks related to shipping to Amazon. They had spent trip after trip to their warehousing services provider to try and solve the issue and could not. Meanwhile, chargebacks continued to pile up.

Our Director of Operations and Logistics took her knowledge of our client's systems and her expertise gained in working with Amazon from before Vendor Central began to analyze the problem. She sat with their team to go through their entire process to make sure they were giving their warehouse provider what they needed to do their job properly and to ensure that there wasn’t something they were doing with labeling that was causing the issues.

When she confirmed that the issue was not with our client, she flew with our client to Nashville and spent a day watching the warehouse process orders. She immediately identified the issue in the first hour and spent the rest of the day making sure everyone there understood what was being done wrong that was causing the boxes to be scanned in improperly on the Amazon side and was causing the chargebacks.

The issue hasn’t been repeated since. And because Amazon knew that we solved the problem and everyone could go back to selling product instead of dealing with operational issues we also got over
$500,000 in chargebacks waived.

Problem identified in the first hour


Chargebacks waived


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