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We took over their Amazon Advertising at the beginning of 2016 from their in-house team and have driven sales growth on average of 70% annually while only increasing spend from 2 to 3% of COGS. We average ROI’s of 9 to 1. And despite increased AMS and AMG spending over the last three years, we have helped the relationship stay profitable for both our client and Amazon.



Average ROI



One of the first clients we took on content and advertising for was a leading monitor brand. They were on the Amazon platform for one year on their own and achieved sales of approx. $300K for the year. We overhauled their catalog, built compelling A+ content for all their products, and SEO optimized all their listings. We immediately increased sales in the following 12 months to north of $3 million and outpaced category growth by 2x.

Since that time, we have built sales to over $35 million last year and trending to north of
$50 million this year while continuing to outpace Amazon’s category growth.



Annual growth

Smashing targets on Amazon

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As the first full-service Amazon agency to add in-house content creation and optimization services and expertise in helping navigate Amazon advertising back to when the original iteration Adzinia was created in 2008, we have the skills and experience to drive your sales on Amazon. All our team members are accredited in Amazon advertising, and we’ve been part of Amazon’s agency partner program since it began.

Present your products in the best light possible and get them in front of the right customers on Amazon – with our marketing and advertising services.


We’ve also provided our full suite of services to this client. We have been instrumental in helping them clean up fraudulent products on the website and logistics issues and have helped them recover $1 million plus in chargebacks year to date.


By combining all of our services, this further enhances the impact of advertising on the platform and the saved monies give them more money to pour back into advertising.


Our experience covers all aspects of marketing and advertising

Amazon Advertising Support Agency

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Brand Strategy
Marketing Strategy
Campaign Management
Affiliate Marketing
Data Insights
Content Optimization

Propel your products beyond Amazon

Amazon is often the starting point for many brands, especially new technologies but we don’t only excel in serving our clients' Amazon needs.

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