Taking giant leaps  long before Neil Armstrong took his 


How do we solve all the problems that lead our clients to say things like this?


Some people feel that they’re outsourcing certain functions when they hire an agency like us. We don’t look at it that way. We want our clients to feel like we’re an integrated part of their team, filling the gaps in their organization and intimately understanding each part of it.

'No one else can solve problems the way you can. You never act like something isn't your job. Your team is always part of my team. I just know that no matter what problem arises that your team is going to figure out a way to solve it.'

Pioneers in retail innovation since 1947

We live and breathe Amazon


We are in contact with Amazon on a weekly basis, keeping up with the constant changes.


We were there when many of the systems were built, and our ex-Amazonians have a unique perspective and ways of getting issues resolved by knowing where to start.


We provide sales, set-up, launch, content and marketing of a product, in addition to focusing on consulting for companies on logistics, supply chain, and all aspects in the complex world of operations and management. 


We round out our services by providing top quality proprietary data analytics and reporting utilizing Microsoft’s Power BI.

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That allows us to combine our expertise in servicing our retail customers along with our knowledge of our clients’ structure and systems to allow both to work together most effectively.


We’re also not about us. We’re not here to build our brand. We’re not trying to get sold to a conglomerate. We’re not here to put our experience and expertise above your needs. We just aspire to delivering amazing results.


We offer a level of service that others find hard to match through adapting to market with the right plan and right team.

We're a catalyst for growth


Lienau offers insider expertise from former senior level vendor managers, product managers, and inventory control managers to provide a superb and complete service that other agencies cannot.


We focus on the task of improving operations metrics, while providing companies a team of experts to help concentrate on driving their business forward, for less than the cost of hiring one dedicated employee. 


Milestones in our illustrious history

We've got decades of experience growing products in a huge range of markets and whatever new innovation and technology arrives in the future, we’ll be there.


Lienau. Growing brands on Amazon and beyond